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Credit & Credibility eBoook (July 2009)

Credit & Credibility presents our assessment of the financial markets and the 5 most pressing issues facing the global economy:

  • fiat currency, the abuse it engenders, and policy response to perpetuate it
  • how all fiat currencies today are derivatives of the US dollar
  • China as the litmus test for export-driven economies decoupling from OECD economies
  • a US recovery can only be affected via agriculture, manufacturing, invention and hard work, not more ‘financial innovation,’ and
  • the effect of pending carbon legislation on the world economy.

Credit & Credibility includes complete copies of all nine of our original reports, each appended with substantial commentary updating the performance of that trend going forward, including stock recommendations for each.

Over the year since it was released, many of our predictions have been borne out, rendering it perhaps even more pertinent today than when released in July 2009.

Price : $ 99.00
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